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Подключение к пулу black-pool.net, для майнинга Monero на алгоритме cryptonight

Getting Started with black-pool.net
Welcome to BLACK-POOL.net!

If you don't have a wallet create one
You can choose between online wallets and hardware wallets - both have their pros and cons.

MyMonero: MyMonero is an online wallet maintained by a member of the core monero team, so while safe is still suceptable to hacks.

Monero Wallet for many OS: The safest way to store and secure your XMR, although it would be your responsibility to keep your XMR safe.

Monerujo - Android Monero Wallet with connection to xmr.to

Offline wallet generator: Let's you generate a wallet with no internet connetion for better security. To later check the ballance Monero GUI is best choice.

Pick a miner for cpu, gpu or both
You can choose from variety of miners.

All are nice pieces of software and you should try what suits you best. Most common are xmr-stak, claymore's miner, ccminer-cryptonight.

Pick a mining server and port
Currently there is only one port type and it's PPLNS. It helps to combat pool hopping and ensures a good payout for miners.

For pool's url use xmr.eu.black-pool.net

The Port is used in conjunciton with the url and is used to specify the starting difficulty. You should select this depending on the total #ing power of your rig (see port descriptions). Examples below.

The moment
By now you should have a wallet, mining software, pool url and port. It's time to put them together.

Here are some examples of the parameters that you need to pass on to your miner software, the format matters so be careful.

Depending on your miner you need to add the required parameters via command line or config.txt

Required fields are payment address and MinerIdentifier

Username format : address.paymentID+FixedDifficulty
Password Format : MinerIdentifier:Email
Username / Password Samples
## Standard wallet address (Monero CLI wallet/Monero GUI wallet/MyMonero wallet)
Username : 4ATdTAMDVY5L2qzFZm7WyLdEJ4SpVG836L5Z753j3Z84ebgodCYReL6LZXjQ8mYAqe5P8S69UWQBhZyNX3ryRuPWCmXi8ST

(e.g. miner.exe -u 4ATdTAMDVY5L2qzFZm7WyLdEJ4SpVG836L5Z753j3Z84ebgodCYReL6LZXjQ8mYAqe5P8S69UWQBhZyNX3ryRuPWCmXi8ST -p worker)
## Standard wallet address with fixed difficulty of 3500 for the worker
Username : 4ATdTAMDVY5L2qzFZm7WyLdEJ4SpVG836L5Z753j3Z84ebgodCYReL6LZXjQ8mYAqe5P8S69UWQBhZyNX3ryRuPWCmXi8ST+3500

(e.g. miner.exe -u 4ATdTAMDVY5L2qzFZm7WyLdEJ4SpVG836L5Z753j3Z84ebgodCYReL6LZXjQ8mYAqe5P8S69UWQBhZyNX3ryRuPWCmXi8ST+3500 -p worker)
## Miner identifier of Steve
Password : Steve

(e.g. miner.exe -u paymentAddress -p Steve)
## Miner identifier of Steve, and register an account with the e-mail address as password
Password : Steve:test@e-mail.com

(e.g. miner.exe -u paymentAddress -p Steve:test@e-mail.com)
Good Mining !