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Подключение к пулу coinblockers.com, для майнинга Bitcoin Gold на алгоритме equihash

EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner
Download, setup and start EWBF's Miner
Latest EWBF Build

Just modify your start.bat and run it

Nheqminer GPU+CPU
Download, setup and start nheqminer Miner
Download Nheqminer

Run your miner using the following parameters. Replace -u field with your BTG wallet address
nheqminer.exe -l btg-eu.coinblockers.com:3333 -u BTG_ADDRESS_HERE.rig1 -cd 0
Example to mine on your CPU as well on your CUDA GPU, using 6 CPU threads and 2 CUDA GPUs:

nheqminer.exe -l btg-eu.coinblockers.com:3333 -u BTG_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1 -t 6 -cd 0 1
Example to mine with older CUDA GPU (SM =< 3.0):

nheqminer.exe -l btg-eu.coinblockers.com:3333 -u BTG_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1 -cd 0 -cv 1
To mine with cpu only (for example on 6 core cpu use -t minus 2 for best results):

nheqminer.exe -l btg-eu.coinblockers.com:3333 -u BTG_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1 -t 4

DSTM Nvidia GPU Miner **Recommended, fastest in Block solving**
Download, setup and start DSTM Miner
Download DSTM Latest DSTM Builds

Just modify your start.bat and run it
Connect to Mining Pool
2. Connection Parameter
Choose the right Connection Port regarding your mining Setup
nonSSL or SSL available

Server Port Type
btg-us.coinblockers.com 3333 Mid-range GPU, CPU
btg-us.coinblockers.com 5555 Modern High End, Rigs
btg-us.coinblockers.com 7777 nicehash or miningrigrentals
Please define one Workername per job
btg-us.coinblockers.com 8443 Claymore SSL Rigs