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Подключение к пулу easyhash.io, для майнинга Monero на алгоритме cryptonight

Important! Please do not mine directly to exchanges or other wallets that require a Payment ID.
Connection Information
Here you will find the necessary connection information needed to mine Monero
There are four available Connection URLs, each with its own difficulty. We recommend using the Low & Mid Range CPU if uncertain.

Low & Mid Range CPU
Smart phones, laptops and regular desktops
Connection URL xmr.easyhash.io:3430
Starting Difficulty 10000
High End CPU/GPU
Powerful processors and graphics cards
Connection URL xmr.easyhash.io:3431
Starting Difficulty 50000
GPU Rigs
Computers with multiple graphics cards
Connection URL xmr.easyhash.io:3432
Starting Difficulty 200000
Secure mining port needed by some miners
Connection URL xmr.easyhash.io:3433
Starting Difficulty 200000
High-end cloud mining nicehash.com
Connection URL xmr.easyhash.io:3434
Starting Difficulty 650000
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