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Подключение к пулу eth.poolto.be, для майнинга Ethereum на алгоритме daggerhashimoto

Stratum Mining using a proxy
Download ethminer
This is the miner, find it on GitHub
Download eth-proxy
This is the proxy, according to your OS:
Windows: eth-proxy-win
Linux: eth-proxy-linux
GitHub: eth-proxy
Edit eth-proxy.conf and specify our pool's HOST: eth.poolto.be PORT: 8547 and your WALLET.
WALLET = "0xb85150eb365e7df0941f0cf08235f987ba91506a"
POOL_HOST = "eth.poolto.be"
POOL_PORT = 8547
POOL_HOST = "eth.poolto.be"
POOL_PORT = 8544
Set your password as #
Launch eth-proxy
Windows: eth-proxy.exe
Linux: python eth-proxy.py
Then lauch ethminer
Windows: ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -F
Linux: ./ethminer --farm-recheck 200 -G -F

Mining directly using ethminer
Download ethminer
This is the miner, find it on GitHub
Launch ethminer
Windows: ethminer.exe -F http://eth.poolto.be:8546/
/ -G --farm-recheck 200
Linux: ./ethminer -F http://eth.poolto.be:8546/
/ -G --farm-recheck 200
Synthax: http://eth.poolto.be:8546/YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS/RIG_ID
This is your address for payouts, generate one with geth, or mine directly to exchange like Poloniex or Bittrex.
Example: 0xb85150eb365e7df0941f0cf08235f987ba91506a.
ID of your farm to distinguish it from your other rig. If you have just one rig, feel free to omit this param. This param must be short alphanumeric string with optional dashes and underscores.
Example: rig1
Full example: ethminer -F http://eth.poolto.be:8546/0xb85150eb365e7df0941f0cf08235f987ba91506a/rig1 -G --farm-recheck 200
TIPS: If you are compiling ethminer from latest source, please also use extra --disable-submit-hashrate option.