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Подключение к пулу Zpool, для майнинга Litecoin на алгоритме scrypt

-o stratum+tcp://scrypt.mine.zpool.ca:3433 -u [-p c=,] must be a valid address. Incorrect addresses will result in forfit of earning. You can also use any valid wallet address from any of the coins we mine. This feature has had minimal testing so use at your own risk YOU MUST ALWAYS set your currency in your password field that matches your wallet address: c=. The pool has mined hundreds of different coins and many have the same address version. We CAN NOT read your mind and possible know what currency you want. If no c= is set, your currency will be randomly chosen from any matching coins we have used. This HAS TO BE A REAL EXCHANGE SYMBOL. Do not use a symbol that has an scrypt added. Such as XVG-blake2s or AUR-sha or DGB-skein, these are ALL WRONG. These are used only for the pool to support multi-algo coins. c= doesn't always work. However, if you fail to correct this and/or continue mining with the wrong currency detected you will NOT be able to change to the proper currency once an actual balance has been posted to the address. The quickest and easiest way for you to fix this, is create a new address, update your miners and make sure again you've set c= properly. Do not log a support ticket asking to convert your balance from one currency to another, they'll be closed. If you insist on keeping and using the original address. Your accrued balance will be cleared and the proper currency updated for you. Any blocks still new/immature/exchange will automaticlly convert to the new currency See the "Pool Status" area on the right for PORT numbers.